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Keynote Speaker 2:

Prof Angie Titchen, Fontys University of Applied Science, NL

In this keynote, I would like to share something of my current work about professional artistry which appears to be core to professional practice, whatever the discipline or field.  This artistry sits within new philosophical, theoretical and methodological frameworks for transformational practice development and research that I am developing with my colleague, Brendan McCormack. Professional artistry seems to be central to expertise, whether it is expertise in practice, research, development or education.  Critical companionship, as a facilitation strategy within our new methodological framework, appears successful in enabling embodied, tacit knowledge to be revealed through the body, creative imagination and critical reflection.  Moreover, the critical companion facilitates artistic and cognitive critique of the dimensions and processes of professional artistry, used in a particular context, to help uncover for the practitioner/researcher/developer/educator how they blend this embodied, experiential knowledge with other kinds of knowledge and use this blended knowledge in their practice.

Angie Titchen is Clinical Chair at the Knowledge Centre for Evidence-Based Practice, Fontys University of Applied Science (NL), Visiting Professor at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, Adjunct Professor, Charles Sturt University, Sydney, Australia and Associate Fellow of the School of Health and Social Studies at the University of Warwick. Angie is passionate about practice development and doing research critically and creatively. Her practice development work is rooted in clinical experience as a physiotherapist. She holds a PhD from

Oxford University and she has published widely in the field of health care especially on the nature of person-centred practice and professional knowledge and its acquisition; the facilitation of experiential learning, work-based learning, expertise, professional artistry and; critical and creative qualitative research. Currently, Angie leads on programmes of support for practice development, evidence-based practice and facilitation.

experiential knowledge, method & methodology

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