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SkinDeep - experiential knowledge and multi sensory communication

International Conference 2011 of the DRS Special Interest Group

on Experiential Knowledge

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EKSIG 2011 will address the theme of “SkinDeep - experiential knowledge and multi sensory communication”.

Date: Thursday and Friday, 23 - 24 June 2011

Venue: University for the Creative Arts, Farnham Castle, UK

The conference has provided a forum for debate about the multi faceted, multi sensory and multi modal possibilities of communicating knowledge in the creative disciplines.

Conference Proceedings now online!

Keynote Speakers

Full Programme

EKSIG is part of a programme of Special Interest Groups set up by the Design Research Society (DRS) to facilitate international exchange and advance in relevant areas of design. EKSIG is concerned with the understanding and management of knowledge in research and professional practice in design in order to clarify fundamental principles and practices, both with regard to research degree regulations and requirements, and research methodology.

EKSIG 2011 will be convened as part of a regular programme of EKSIG conferences which serve to address specific themes, to bring together researchers and practitioners from different disciplines to engender challenging multi vocal debates around these themes, and to facilitate exchange and cross fertilisation between the creative disciplines and other practice led disciplines such as education, health, engineering and knowledge management.

We wish to bring together engaged practitioners and scholars from various disciplinary backgrounds, fields of knowledge production, and methodological approaches to explore these issues. We invite contributions from the art and design disciplines (design, engineering, craft, media, fine art, etc), philosophy, education, health and knowledge management, neuroscience and others that are concerned with multi sensory and multi modal communication of knowledge in research and in creative and professional practice.

All papers selected for presentation at the conference will be published in the conference proceedings: an abstract booklet with CD of the full papers and post-conference online publication, the preferred format of the DRS. As in past years, the organisers will collaborate with an appropriate journal to publish selected papers from the conference as a special issue.