Experiential Knowledge Special Interest Group


The EKSIG Conference 2009 addressed the theme of “Experiential Knowledge, Method and Methodology”

Date: Friday 19 June 2009

Venue: London Metropolitan University, London, UK

Conference Proceedings now online!

Keynote Speakers:

Professor John Onians, University of East Anglia, UK

Professor Angie Titchen, Fontys University of Applied Science, NL

The conference was convened by the DRS Special Interest Group on Experiential Knowledge (EKSIG), and hosted by London Metropolitan University.

EKSIG is part of a program of Special Interest Groups set up by the Design Research Society (DRS) to facilitate international exchange and advance in relevant areas of design. EKSIG is concerned with the understanding and management of knowledge in research and professional practice in design and design related disciplines in order to clarify fundamental principles and practices of using practice within research, both with regard to research regulations and requirements, and research methodology.

The EKSIG Conference 2009 has been convened as part of a regular events program of EKSIG to promote understanding and best practice concerning the integration of different forms of knowledge within design research and practice. The EKSIG conferences serve to address specific themes, to bring together researchers and practitioners from different disciplines to engender challenging multi-vocal debates around these themes, and to facilitate exchange and cross-fertilisation between the creative disciplines and other practice-led disciplines, including design, engineering, craft, education, health, and knowledge management.

We wish to bring together people from different fields and disciplines with different approaches to address these issues. We invite contributions from the design disciplines (design, engineering, craft, media etc), philosophy, education, health and knowledge management that are concerned with methods and methodology in research and in creative and professional practice; with the nature, role, and management of knowledge within research; and with the role and use of creative practice (both as process and outcome) as a means by which to develop and manage experiential/tacit knowledge within research.

All papers selected for presentation at the conference are published in the conference proceedings, an abstract booklet with a CD of the full papers, the preferred format of the DRS, which is also available online. The conference has also agreed on a collaboration with the Journal of Research Practice, and selected papers will be published in the journal.


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experiential knowledge, method & methodology

International Conference 2009 of the DRS Special Interest Group      on Experiential Knowledge

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